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Going to the mat  - Tree Pose

My series “Going to the mat” is inspired by one of my favorite directors: Werner Herzog, who once said in an interview for GQ Magazine :


“There should be a holy war against yoga.” 


This quote made me think: What if my toy soldiers were doing yoga poses? So a new theme for the ToyBox collection series was born…


“Going to the mat” means to struggle or fight until either victorious or defeated. Aren’t we all fighting some battle, big or small,  that we hope to win? Aren’t we all looking to find ways to live a more meaningful and spiritual life?

Materials: Multiple unique vintage toy soldiers framed in a 3D lacquered frame and plexiglass protector. Led lights for night glow.

Dimensions: 21”x 16″x 4″ 

Limited edition of 10. Though each piece is truly unique due to toys used. 

Please inquire for price and lead time

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