• With this piece, I wanted to address the stigma around sex and sexuality in America. Sex is often viewed as a taboo and the US is referred to as a sexually dysfunctional country. Ken has no penis and Barbie is too busy shopping, working, or exercising, to even think about having sex. Yet, Americans are the first consumers of pornography behind doors. Now it is time to experience a little bit of soft porn, bondage, and variety in adult entertainment all in 50 shades of lights. After all, it is not all bad in the US since we have TV series to bring us up to speed in this area.


    Limited edition of 10 +2 AP numbered and signed by the artist Valerie Carmet.



    Materials: made of wood, plexiglass, vintage, collectible and/or recycled Barbie and Ken dolls toys with led lights.

    Size: 60”x 37.5”x 6.75”



    What's Love Got to Do With It