• This piece was inspired by the poem by Arthur Rimbaud called “Le dormeur du Val”.
    Rimbaud wrote it when he was 16 years old, while France was at war
    with Prussia.
    It is a beautiful poem about a soldier laying in the grass
    peacefully but “… he has 2 red holes in his right side…”.
    I show this soldier standing up, saluting, to emphasize the fact he is proud and obedient. This man is voluntarily serving his country, and putting himself in harms way to protect those by his side on the battlefield, much like the men and women do everyday for us. This is my way of honoring them and giving them my respect for what they do.


    Materials: made of wood, plexiglass, vintage, collectible and/or recycled plastic green and red army men toys.
    Size: 40″x 23.5″x 5″ (101 cms x 60 cms x 12.7 cms )


    Le Salut du Val