DirtyMr Potato

DirtyMr Potato

This ToyBox Piece was created after an article announced that Mr Potato will become gender neutral. Hasbro served a thunderbolt, announcing that Mr Potato Head was going genderless and would be “renaming” its iconic spud brand for gender inclusivity and equality to appeal to modern families. As I am all in favour of equality, I was facinated by the issue of "cancel culture movement" this will bring in the name of inclusivity. I keep asking myself : Does a potato really has any gender !? Probably not, but for the fun of it, let's make those genderless potato heads have fun in a branded "Dirty Mr Potato" chips bag with a Flamin' Hot Mrs Potato flavor... 


Materials: Made of wood, Plexiglass, Vintage, recycled potato heads.

Size: 36" x 25" x 4"/ 91.4 cms x 63.5 cms x 10 cms ( custom size available/DM)

Limited edition: 10 + 2 AP (1/10)

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