In this new collection “Art is Fashion/Fashion is Art”,  Valerie Carmet reunites with her first love: Fashion.


Before becoming an artist, Valerie worked in the fashion industry for a decade. She was always fascinated by this world and often saw fashion as art!


It is actually what convinced her to try her hands as an artist when she left the fashion world.


This new collection is a mixed media series about her favorite Fashion designers, each piece is going to be an homage to one of her most loved icons.


The piece untitled “#5- Choupette” is an homage to Chanel, more specifically to the designer Karl Lagerfeld and his cat “Choupette”.

Size:  50.5” x 38.5” x 7”

Materials: Wood, antiques plates, stained glass, ceramic vintage figurines, fabric, nails, threads, Swarovski Rhinestones, Plexiglass

Gallery price: $ 49,000

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