• The title of this ToyBox says it all….

    I have always been intrigued by the American fascination for their flag. As a french born artist, I was never raised with the respect of the flag and often felt ashamed of my country’s lack of patriotism. With this piece, I wanted to show all of what America represents for me. The stars are filled with heads of all the icons America created that filled our childhood with unforgettable memories and joy. The stripes are filled with the color of the rainbow which is a symbol of freedom and peace, tolerance and acceptance: the recognition of the LGBT movement and gay marriage. The reference of the song “over the rainbow” emphasizes my belief that led me to make the ToyBox: there is a yearning desire and need for all people (children or adults) to escape their surroundings and go to a place where they have greater powers and opportunities.


    Materials: made of wood, plexiglass, vintage, collectible and/or recycled plastic Pez dispensers toys.

    Size: 60”x 36”x 4” (4/10) / 37”x 23.5” x 4” (3/10)

    America: Let's Play Over The Rainbow