Boy’z play Pez I

Playboy play Pez is my homage to one of my favorite candy dispensers growing up.
Pez and the American icon heads that are represented show what the American culture has to offer as far as entertainment for children and adults.
Most of us played, read, and watched the characters and fantasized about them at different ages and times. 
But I wanted to twist it a little bit and use a recognizable adult icon as its head to be reminded that we can still be a kid at heart; we just may be trapped in an adult body.

Materials: Made of wood, plexiglass, vintage, collectible and/or recycled Pez dispensers.
Size: 34″ x 12.5″ x 5″
Limited edition of 10+2AP signed and numbered by 
the artist Valerie Carmet.
Please inquire for price and lead time.