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Gotta Ketchum All!

If you never played in the 90’s with the trading cards, the animé games, the figurines, or later, Go Pokémon, you nonetheless know of them and you recognize them. The phenomenon of Pokémon Mania, whether you were or are a fan, endures. And it remains, perhaps unsparingly, a part of our popular culture and a shared fascination.


The Pokémon have strength, intelligence, knowledge,emotions and will power. They are touched by the supernatural powers, setting them apart from human beings. They are here to help and do some good. But some harness the Pokémons' power  for their own nefarious deeds. You can play with them in different worlds and watch them evolve along the way. 

In the end they remind me of the new NFT world, where we create our own Avatar and play in different metaverses.

Materials:  multiple unique vintage, collectible and/or recycled Pokémon figurines in a 3D lacquered white wood frame and plexiglass front protector.

Dimensions: 25”x 25″x 4″ 

Limited edition of 10. Though each piece is truly unique due to toys used.

Please inquire for price and lead time

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