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Plastic Smurfery - Censored

Smurfette, the only female character among the Smurfs, was created by Gargamel to infiltrate and destroy the Smurfs. Carmet undresses Smurfette, a modern symbol of Eve, and a perfect example of patriarchal representation of the role of female and sexuality as the downfall of male.  

This lone female character is presented as a stereotype of femininity and the object of desire, therefore offering a very limited depiction of women.

Materials:  multiple unique vintage, collectible and/or recycled Smurf figurines  in a 3D lacquered white wood frame and plexiglass front protector.

Dimensions: 14”x 10″x 4″ 

Limited edition of 10. Though each piece is truly unique due to toys used.

Please inquire for price and lead time

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