Valerie Carmet Studio designs one of a kind collectible objects and furniture for the home.
She uses groundbreaking techniques to modernize the use of traditional and found materials such as mosaic tiles, stained glass, plates, and ceramics.
The result is highly original, provoking conversation and delighted engagement.
Whether commissioned by the client or as part of a limited series by the designer, each piece is a meticulous and singular creation, taking on a “life of its own”, striking the observer by its originality and attaining a point of “living” status among the owner’s environment.

`` les Negresses oranges ``

3 drawer dresser with matching mirror.
Dimensions dresser: 40″L x 18″W x 32″H  Matching Mirror: 32″W x 22″H
Materials: Black, orange, and white antique dishes with raffia trimmings.
The story behind: The vase figurines of an African female and male with head ornaments from the 50s found in a flea market in Pennsylvania were the primary sources of inspiration for this piece. The rare Italian black and orange dishes were the perfect match for those vases. I made the vases removable to be able to use them as real vases for fresh flowers. The sides of the pieces have the shadow of the vases sketched out with mosaic pieces.
To alleviate the amount of mosaic, I added some raffia between the drawers.
This piece is an award winning and part of a solo exhibit at NYU gallery.
Price: $9900 SOLD

`` Le coq des Prairies``

1 drawer and 2 door kitchen cabinet.
Materials: mix of salmon and pastel green antique dishes with roosters and
mixed media like raffia.
Dimensions : 30″L x 19″W x 35″ H
The story behind: Rooster dishes are very common in France yet very diversified. This piece is in honor of the French countryside culture where I grew up.
The raffia acts as hay.
This piece was part of a solo exhibit at the NYU gallery in Washington
Square, NYC
Price: $4900.00 

`` Le reve des Eskimos``

4 drawer dresser.
Materials: mix of white, orange, and purple dishes and tiles with white faux fur. Dimensions: 28″L x15″W x 42″H
The story behind: The little igloo figurines were the initial inspiration for this particular piece. The addition of the fake fur coming out of the white tiles was used to keep up with the theme of the igloo.
The innovation on this piece are the purple cups that were sunk in the drawers. This piece was part of the solo exhibit at the NYU gallery in Washington Square, NYC.
Price: $3900.00

``The catch of the day ``

Antique coffee table with skirt.
Materials: Blue, green and silver antique dishes with 3D ceramic fish figurines and sea grass embedded in the mosaic, legs, and skirt of the table.
Dimensions: 47″L x 23″W x 16″ H
The story behind: The fish shaped clear glass plates and the two ceramic fish were the inspiration for this piece. I silvered leafed the clear plates with 14 carat silver leaves and then recessed into the table as well as used the middle of the table the two magnificent 3D ceramic fish as removable center pieces and got inspired to draw a big fish shape around it.
Price: $4900 SOLD

`` Shades of grey ``

Custom designed console.
Materials: Mix of antique dishes, stained glass, and stainless steel.
Dimensions: 42″ L x 16″W x 30″H
The story behind: The shape of the table is a very modern and sleek design with an Asian look and is a perfect match for this set of dishes with black and blue flowers found at a second hand store in Canada. To make it as contemporary as possible, I mixed few materials with the plates like the mouth-blown stained glass cut in a Bamboo design style and stainless steel rods inserted in the mosaic itself.
It gives the console a modern and unique look.
Price $3900.00

`` colibri ``

Round kitchen table top (no base).
Materials: Mix of yellow and green Mikasa dishes.
Dimensions: 42″ diameter
The story behind: The beautiful Mikasa yellow flower dishes were the inspiration for this round dance around the table in which the “colibri” get lost. I am a huge fan of the Mikasa dishes from the seventies and every time I find some in a flea market I have to make something with them right the way. They have that effect on me!
Price $3900 (without the base) SOLD

`` Cop Table``

Round kitchen table materials: mix of roster vintage plates.
Orange and green with a raffia braid on the edge.
Top dimensions: diameter 42″
Price $3200 (no base)