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Mixed Media Painting

“Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stones or other materials… It is the art form closest to painting”

Valerie Carmet’s love for ceramic and porcelain plates was her main influence to use them extensively on her paintings rather than the classic colored glass, stones, or ceramic materials. Valerie let the plate’s decorative prints dictate the design of the painting rather than the other way around. With that state of mind, each piece is reworked and reconstituted until the very end; the process is fluid as new pieces are introduced. They can change the direction of the work mid stream and constantly evolve, much like life itself.

Karl Langerfeld Choupette
Mosaic Painting Four Seasons
Mosaic painting fish
Les Quatre Saisons



La Complainte de Maman Fish


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