What my work has in common is that each creation is reworked, reconstituted until the very end, the process is fluid, and as new pieces are utilized by, they can change the direction of the work mid-stream, much like life itself”…

Valerie Carmet

Valerie Carmet Studio, based in New York City, designs beautiful, complex and joyful public and private spaces.
One of a kind interior art collectibles create a unique and unmatched atmosphere for the home.
Using a combination of ancient and cutting edge techniques, Valerie uses vintage and esoteric materials including mosaic tiles, stained glass, ceramics, and even discarded toys to create original works that provoke conversation and engage the senses.

Whether commissioned by the client or as part of a limited series by the designer, each piece is a meticulous and singular creation, striking the observer by its originality and attaining a point of “living” status among the owner’s environment.
Valerie Carmet’s skilled designers can also create a wide range of stunning pieces for all indoor or outdoor spaces.


38 Troy Avenue
Suite #1
Brooklyn, NY 11213

  • A,C Utica Avenue

Studio open by appointment only

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